Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1930's Revived!!

This lampshade will make you want to open the blinds  and "let the sun shine in" !!  This is what I refer to as my "happy shade".  It makes me want to open my heart -- feel good things --- and puts a smile on my face.   Hope the  happiness spreads to you!

Into my drawer I went and out came more of my vintage embroidery pieces.  This was a dresser scarf from either the 30's or the 40's and fits perfectly onto this six sided hexagon shade.  Time to revive the 30's!!  I got busy and this shade is where I finished.

Both the front and back panel has this embroidered basket filled with flowers.  The beauty of this scarf is the quantity of the stitches allowed me to also  incorporate the embroidery on to the sides of the lampshade.

 I also found vintage crochet  with the same soft embroidery colors as the dresser scarf and used it to trim  the bottom of the lampshade.   In order to ground the design and pull the eye to the details,  I put a contrasting white braided trim at the top of the shade.  I think that was the finishing trick.  

It has a clip top to neatly and easily fit over the lightbulb.  Hope you leave this post with a smile on your face and thinking "oh this is truly  one of a kind".  I will then have accomplished my goal.
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  1. Good Morning Missy M, What a lovely way to re-use vintage fabrics. I have a few similarly embroidered tableclothes which my mother Phyllis embroidered when she was a young girl.
    Your eye for detail is wonderful as the vintage crochet which you added sits beautifully with the embroidery. This is a lovely shade.
    Have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes, Daphne

  2. Simply stunning. So happy, cheery and bright. I'd love it in a little girls room. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, liz

  3. Oh beautiful! It IS a happy lampshade. Oh, Missy M, how very, very darling. Also, thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now, too, so I can see all the lovely shades! Have a wonderful day! Susan

  4. What a great lampshade. I can't believe what a beautiful job you did on it.

  5. Missy M, this lampshade is truly stunning. Your craft and talent in this area of "crafting," is impressive. I have many of my Mother and Grandmother's embroidered dish cloths, hankies, pillowcase etc...What a nice and lasting tribute to another era!
    This post put a smile in my heart!! Nice to be a follower and thank you for following me!

  6. What a great idea! You did an exceptional job on this lampshade!

  7. oooh, I just love vintage embroidery. Careful, quality stitches. Lovely!